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"If we continue to heat up our planet, the AMOC - Gulf Stream circulation - will weaken further – by 34 to 45% by 2100. This could bring us dangerously close to the tipping point at which the flow becomes unstable."

Stefan Rahmstorf 😷@rahmstorf

Another climate science prediction is happening: the Gulf Stream System (aka AMOC) is slowing down - with implications for our weather. Read my commentary on new studies:

XR is not calling for "full-scale participatory democracy" (which it certainly doesn't implement within its own organization) but for an advisory citizens' assembly. In the UK this has merely proved to be an exercise in greenwashing, its modest proposals ignored by the govt.

George Monbiot@GeorgeMonbiot

The call for full-scale participatory democracy is as revolutionary as the call for the universal franchise was in the 19th century.
The possibilities are huge, exciting and transformative. And we're beginning to see how we might grasp them.
My column.

Governments are not only failing to meet targets, they are actively promoting planetary ecocide to the tune of half a trillion dollars in harmful subsidies.

Guardian Environment@guardianeco

World fails to meet a single target to stop destruction of nature – UN report

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