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What keeps me awake at night ⬇️, insights into social collapse from a childhood in Afghanistan:

"...when the moment of runaway climate change comes for you, [..] it will come with the tanks on the streets and the military or the fascists taking power."

Beautiful reaction by Eintracht Frankfurt fans after far right idiots disturb a minute's silence for the victims in Hanau.

First they shout "halt die Fresse" (shut the fuck up) that has become a slogan against AfD/Nazis. Then the whole stadium erupts in "Nazis raus!" (Nazis out)

People take to the streets in Germany against white supremacist terror in Hanau. Not just vigils, but large antifascist demonstrations. A nationwide demo is called for the weekend in Hanau itself.

Heleny Campoy@helenyg

Vigils across Germany after Hanau shooting

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