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The rise in #methane emissions is extremely worrying. But strange that the article doesn't mention the oil and gas industry, nor increasing releases from melting permafrost in the Arctic Circle. This could be the feedback loop that makes the planet uninhabitable...

Prof Nick Cowern@NickCowern

I don't scare easily. This scares me because it starts to look like climate breakdown. At a global temperature anomaly of 1.1°C. "Sharp rise in methane levels threatens world climate targets".
#ExtinctionRebellion #climatestrikes

We are emptying the oceans, destroying everything in our paths. We are causing the extinction of so many species and the suffering of so many more. We cannot continue to abuse the earth this way, we need to respect it and its inhabitants!

#friendsnotfood #letfishlive #govegan

“Refugees Welcome!
Safe Passage! Against people dying at all borders and seas!” Berlin #graffiti group @1upCrewOfficial sends a message at the Bernauerstr Bhf

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