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Hundreds of climate change activists have stormed an open cast coal mine in western Germany to campaign against fossil fuels. The protesters ran through fields and broke through a police cordon to get into the Garzweiler mine #EndeGelaende #AlleGegenRWE

Mass civil disobedience under way in the center of Germany's high-pollution lignite production - Garzweiler.
#endegelaende #EndCoal #keepitintheground #ClimateEmergency #ClimateJusticeNow

#Hambi bleibt@ParkPilger

Goldener Finger von Ende Gelände ist in garzweiler

"Hundreds of climate activists stormed a massive open-pit coal mine in Germany on Saturday, entering a standoff with police inside the mine while thousands of others maintained separate blockades of the nation's coal infrastructure ..."

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