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Oceans losing oxygen at unprecedented rate, experts warn.
Dead zones have quadrupled in extent in the last half-century, & there are also at least 700 areas where oxygen is at dangerously low levels, up from 45 when research was undertaken in the 1960s.

Tonight, 500,000 people showed up in the streets of Madrid to join @GretaThunberg in calling for immediate transformative action in line with scientists' declaration of a climate emergency.

This is now the largest single climate protest in world history.

"Unions hve historically promotd interracial & cross-class solidarity taking on society's largest challenges like civil rights & global justice. Wth the greatest existential threat facing the world organized labor must step up if we are to have any shot at combatting the crisis."

Rosa Luxemburg NYC@rosaluxnyc

A #JustTransition it's about envisioning a new world, a socio-ecological transformation to #decarbonize, #democratize, #decommodify, and #decolonize our world. New think piece by Katja Voigt and @ae53 for @RLS_Klima: #COP25

"With this money, we could solve the whole problem."

Petteri Taalas from the World Meteorological Organisation says 5% of the world's GDP goes to fossil fuel subsidies, when that money could "solve" the climate crisis.

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