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Photography has been such a major part of my life that for many years I didn’t think about it in terms of an artistic practice, it was just something I did, and have always done. It was only when my…

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My most recent poetry project is a collection entitled “Logbook Poems – Songs of the Minch” which is the result of a week-long “Dark Ocean” residency, sailing from the Hebrides to Mallaig on the Scottish west coast in July 2023….

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Back in 2018 I wrote a novel called New Clone City, which was published by The Wild Word: “New Clone City is Literary Cyberpunk for Today’s Dystopian Era An urban fiction thriller set in a cyberpunk world, New Clone City…

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A lot of my work is non-fiction. I have a regular “Soapbox” column in The Wild Word, an online magazine devoted to literature, poetry and politics. My writings are mostly about ecology and the ongoing period of catastrophic climate collapse…

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In early March 2021 I released a CD called “Blue Balcony” with my main musical project, The Balkonians. Here’s a video of one of the tracks – “Fest Stivel”. Earlier in 2020, to combat the Corona lockdown blues, my partner…

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Mike Hembury is an Anglo-Berliner originally from Portland, England. He’s a writer, musician, photographer, sailor, environmentalist and poet in no particular order. You can follow Mike on social media here: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as on Muckrack. Mike’s…

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