In early March 2021 I released a CD called “Blue Balcony” with my main musical project, The Balkonians. Here’s a video of one of the tracks – “Fest Stivel”.

Earlier in 2020, to combat the Corona lockdown blues, my partner and I launched a musical challenge we called the Lockdown Tapes. We uploaded a tune a day for about 40 days, until wrist injury from a cycle accident put paid to further saxophone adventures for a while.

Here’s a taste of our output, called, appropriately enough: Let’s Be Cheerful.

Here’s a list of my albums currently available on Spotify.

With The Balkonians:

The Balkonians: Blue Balcony (2021) The Balkonians: Trio Manie (2017)

With Miserlou:

Miserlou: Balkamaniax (2013) Miserlou: Lungo Drom (2011)


Here are some demo tracks with a Turkish-language ska band called Skarabäus that I’m currently rehearsing with: 


And here are a few videos that I’m particularly fond of:

Author: Mike